The Carmelitana Collection has just joined LibraryThing! So far, we’ve added our 16th century holdings.

Some catalog records are less extensive than others — and in the interest of expanding description of our materials, we’d like to have your feedback: add comments if you know something about a work or item, and add tags when you think the subject of the work ought to be described in a certain way. We’ll be integrating your feedback into our new online catalog!

We hope that using LibraryThing, with its social cataloging capabilities, will inspire new ways of thinking about and researching the materials in our collection.

For instance, take a look at our tag cloud. I never realized we had so much controversial literature! … Kind of piques your interest, eh?


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A great resource! Available online here.

The Carmelitana Collection has hard copies of each article. Contact the librarian for more information.

The updated Carmelitana Collection catalog is now online: Take a look!

If you have any questions about our holdings, or would like to consult the Collection, feel free to e-mail the librarian.

Here we’ll be posting updates about the growth of the collection, our technological initiatives, outreach, exhibitions, current research, and whatever else we’re excited about.

Also, be on the lookout for digital resources related to the Carmelite Order.